DeFi Alliance Cohort #2 Results + Cohort #3 Applications

The DeFi Alliance is excited to announce the completion of Cohort #2 and the opening of Cohort#3 applications. Throughout the past two cohorts, we have realized liquidity isn’t the only challenge defi startups face but also regulations, talent, and supporting anonymous developers.

New DeFi Alliance Initiatives

We are happy to announce three key initiatives that will enable startups to move at an accelerated pace.

  1. Regulatory Task ForceJake Chervinsky (GC Compound) & Colleen Sullivan (CMT Digital) will co-chair the task force alongside members from Jump Trading, Manatt, 0x, Aave, Bitnomial, E&Y, DV Chain, and Notional. We are offering an internal support structure for defi startups & educating regulators and communities about hurdles defi startups face.
  2. Growth and Recruiting: In partnership with the leading coding schools globally, we are training and connecting Web2 developers to the Alliance Alumni network. Further, we have created internal tooling to allow new startups to gain the same advantage as well funded startups in crypto.
  3. Anonymous Developer Support: Since the launch of Cohort #1 we have had talented anonymous developers reach out looking for the same support structure. We are excited to announce our partnership with Alethea that offers their state of the art technology to bring synthetic voice support enabling anonymous founders to connect and learn alongside cohort members.

The Defi Alliance’s value proposition has grown over time as diverse firms and individuals have joined. In order for us to accelerate the adoption of defi we must bring these disparate communities together. With the new focus, we now have a three-pillar support structure program: Liquidity Provision, Regulatory Support, and Growth and Recruiting Support.

Reflections on Cohort #2

What we have learned over the course of eight weeks is cohort members want to form a deeper bond with their peers and the Alliance community. It isn’t just about sourcing liquidity but it’s about building lifelong relationships along the way. This enables a strong support structure so that startups can tackle problems as a team. This compounding effect will benefit alumni, future startups and alliance members as cross-pollination will occur.

We have also launched the Liquidity Demo Day program, which prepares startups to pitch market makers + community about their upcoming Liquidity Mining program. This provides a platform for all participants to connect and work together to ensure a successful outcome.

The second cohort completed their eight-week program. The cohort included: Acala Network, Loopring, Perpetual Protocol, Paraswap, Tokenlon, Notional Finance, Pods Finance, Saddle Finance, Derivadex, DeversiFi, Vega Protocol, and MCDex.


In the spirit of transparency, after each cohort we publish both quantitative and anecdotal results from the program. Now that our second cohort startups are actively building products in tandem with major trading firms, we hope to scale our efforts with future cohorts.

Cohort #2 Numbers:

  • 23 market makers/trading firms are providing liquidity to Cohort #2
  • 7 market makers/trading firms have deployed proof of concepts as a starting point to actively trade on DeFi platforms
  • 90 DeFi Alliance members (and growing monthly) that are actively collaborating and sharing insights, including DeFi start-ups, trading firms, and service providers in the legal, tax, accounting, and audit areas
  • 66% of the cohort member’s single greatest benefit was connecting with market makers while 33% of the cohort members were able to strengthen their overall network.
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Cohort #2 Anecdotes:

“The DeFi alliance is so awesome, the program provides everything (connections, liquidity, resources) needed for a project to thrive on DeFi, from bootstrapping to growth.” Lucas with Tokenlon

“The program is very well designed and covered a wide range of topics. I was able to interact with and learn from many leaders in the space. Being able to connect with many professional liquidity providers is particularly helpful. I was able to learn about their motivation and design our system and the onboarding process accordingly. I would definitely recommend the program to any DeFi startup.” Jean with MCDex

“It was my pleasure to participate! Defi Alliance is a terrific community and I met some amazing people who inspired my product greatly. It’s a great platform both in terms of networking and learning.” Ruitao with Acala Network

Applications for Cohort #3 are now live. Please apply here to be considered for the January batch. The deadline to apply is January 8th.

We would also like to announce new members to the Defi Alliance:

  • Wintermute
  • Coinfund
  • Pantera Capital
  • Pattern Research
  • Hyperion Decimus
  • Hypersphere Ventures
  • Arrington Capital
  • 1KX
  • Akuna Capital

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