Announcing the DeFi Alliance Fund

The DeFi Alliance started as a simple project to connect DeFi startups with institutional trading firms to help bootstrap liquidity and provide founders with invaluable product feedback from professional users.

Through our initial work, we discovered that being successful in this endeavor required building a network – an Alliance – of stakeholders and champions working together to overcome the key hurdles faced by DeFi projects:

– Institutional liquidity
– Regulations
– Recruiting and growth

Today, the DeFi Alliance has more than 60 member companies and has accelerated the growth of 28 DeFi projects including 0x, dYdX, IDEX, Kyber Network, Synthetix and more. Our founding partners include renowned trading and venture firms CMT Digital, Cumberland DRW, and Jump Capital. We stood up a Regulatory Taskforce, led by Jake Chervinsky (Compound) and Colleen Sullivan (CMT Digital; Board of Silvergate Bank), to serve as the voice of DeFi in policy matters. We formed partnerships with educational champions like Gitcoin and Consensys Academy.

And now, we are pleased to announce our first fund, DeFi Alliance Fund I, seeded by Alliance members and led by our founding partners along with Mark Cuban.

It includes other institutional trading firms like Altonomy, Alameda, GSR, Nascent, Pattern Research and Wintermute; leading DeFi-focused capital allocators like Delphi Digital, ParaFi Capital, and Kyle Samani and Tushar Jain of Multicoin Capital; protocols like 0x Labs, Blockstack, Solana and Terra; and founders like Amir Bandeali, Jack Herrick, Joseph Lubin, Kain Warwick, and Stani Kulechov.

The fund is designed to be collaborative and distribute capital broadly across the DeFi startup ecosystem and adjacent industries (such as NFTs). We will invest in several dozen early stage startups each year, which will allow the DeFi Alliance to formalize and fuel our accelerator program.

We want to grow DeFi to one billion users globally by 2025. This is a tall task, and to reach our goal we need to invest and educate. DeFi is a complex and rapidly evolving space and education sets the foundation for growth and adoption. The launch of our fund not only brings key strategic partners aboard this mission, but it will provide the Alliance itself and our startup projects with the funding needed to grow and educate.

In addition to the three DeFi-focused tracks that the Alliance currently offers to startups each quarter — which are designed to bring DeFi entrepreneurs from forming an early idea to scaling liquidity on a mature product — we will launch several new tracks in the coming months, including:

– NFT track
– Asia-focused track
– Institutional educational program

More on these in the weeks to come!

We’re excited for this new chapter of the DeFi Alliance as it moves us one step closer to our goal. 

The DeFi Alliance Team

What is the DeFi Alliance?

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