Announcing Ecosystem Support for Terra

DeFi Alliance is delighted to welcome Terraform Labs to our Ecosystem Partnership Program to enable Terra-specific programming for the next cohort of our Accelerator. We believe Terra (and the broader Cosmos ecosystem) will play a key role in the multi-chain future of decentralized finance.

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Terra was launched in April 2019 and is now seeing exponential ecosystem growth. Several DeFi projects now call Terra home and we expect to see hundreds more in the coming years.

We have previously benefited from the mentorship and support of Terra’s founder — Do Kwon — helping accelerate the growth of DeFi startups building on other protocols through our Accelerator. We’re now thrilled to return the favor by helping build Terra’s own DeFi ecosystem.

The Ecosystem Partners Program will provide mentorship and other specific resources for those startups focused on building in the Terra and ecosystem while also helping other startups learn how to integrate their projects onto Terra.

Terra-based DeFi projects interested in applying can apply through our application form here. The deadline for applications is May 21, 2021.

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