Announcing Accelerator Cohort 4: Teams and Stats!

For our fourth cohort of DeFi Alliance’s Accelerator, we had 230 applications. The 17 DeFi projects that we ultimately chose were those we felt we could best support and that represented the best the DeFi space has to offer. We’re already working with them as we speak to prepare them for our upcoming Demo Day where they’ll pitch in front of a variety of market makers and liquidity providers. We’ll be getting them to their next TVL milestones.

Here are the projects we’re working with this cohort:

This cohort, we made concerted efforts to source and recruit teams working on Polkadot, Celo, Solana and Terra but we also insisted on recruiting only the best from the entire pool of applicants. Given that we are an accelerator, rather than an incubator, and given that Ethereum is the largest DeFi platform, it is no surprise to us that the majority of teams we enrolled were building on Ethereum.

Here is a breakdown of the 230 projects that applied by the protocol(s) they were building on.

Although Polkadot had the 2nd largest amounts of applicants, we are seeing a lot of traction picking up in the Solana, Terra, and Celo ecosystems as we’ve had many strong projects apply, and are seeing many more applications roll in for future Cohorts 5 and 6!

The types of projects that applied varied across all DeFi primitives. We’ve seen projects reimagining AMMs, yield aggregators and derivatives; launching new stablecoins and lending markets; building on top of existing protocols like Uniswap and Aave; and other projects already with product-market-fit but wanting to take their liquidity to the next level. We had various NFT and Web3.0 projects submit applications as well but we are still heavily focused on DeFi as that’s where we feel we can provide the most value to startups.

This is all a testament to the rapid growth DeFi is seeing. We expect to see far more applications for our next cohorts as builders from all industries begin to flock to DeFi/NFT/Web3.0. We firmly believe that DeFi will continue to evolve multi-chain; thus we expect to continue seeing strong DeFi projects from all chains applying and going through our Accelerator.

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